Payment and Refund Policy

Payment for the imaging diagnostic and reporting services is by credit card, using a secure SSL portal.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Payment is required at the time of placing the order.

It is the responsibility of the referring clinician to ensure that the cone beam dataset is uploaded in the correct DICOM3 format.  Teledent is happy to provide further advice regarding this.

Refunds will only be payable if Teledent is unable to access the dataset and provide a report.

A receipt for payment, including the GST paid, will be issued with each report.

Teledent provides the following technical services:

A secure web portal enabling the referring clinician to manage patient records, to transmit electronic documents and image volumes, and to acquire completed reports.

Short term storage of patient original image volumes submitted via the Teledent web portal.

A secure payment portal

Teledent provides:

Interpretive consultations and related items and services (diagnostic imaging services), carried out by AHPRA registered specialist dentomaxillofacial radiologists.  This includes:

  • Review of the images (image datasets) uploaded via the web portal or sent via mail from  the referring clinician;
  • Completion of a written diagnostic imaging report, consisting of the dentomaxillofacial radiologist’s written anatomical assessment, diagnostic impressions, image extracts when appropriate
  • Transmittal of the report to the referring clinician via the web portal or by other means agreed to by the referring clinician.

Other services may include, at an agreed additional fee:

  • Reconstruction of image volumes to render specific images as requested by the referring clinician, including printed 1:1 images sent via mail
  • Legal reports and second opinions
  • Phone or online consultations with the referring clinicians providing guidance on complex patient diagnostics and treatment planning 

Professional Responsibility and Limitations.

The referring clinician acknowledges and agrees that all clinical treatment and diagnostic decisions are their responsibility.  Teledent’s Services are limited to the provision of data that may be considered by the referring clinician as part of their diagnostic and treatment process.  In any event, the referring clinician maintains the professional responsibility to make medical and diagnostic decisions, as well as for complying with all laws, regulations and licensing requirements applicable to their delivery of healthcare services to patients.

Obligations of the referring clinician.

  • The referring clinician shall maintain all radiographic films, image volumes, and related patient records pertaining to studies interpreted by Teledent.
  • The referring clinician will provide image volumes of high enough resolution and clarity to enable Teledent to deliver the requested services.
  • In the event the referring clinician or their staff member experiences difficulty in transmitting an image to the Teledent Site, the referring clinician or its agent or other representative shall notify Teledent of such difficulty by telephone or email immediately.
  • The referring clinician shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary informed consents from patients relating to the provision of all dental imaging diagnostic imaging reporting services provided by Teledent.
  • The referring clinician shall be responsible for any costs associated with setting up and maintaining the information technology or other infrastructure at the referring clinician’s office and any costs associated with establishing connectivity between the referring clinician’s office and Teledent’ information technology system.

Occasionally, due to work volume, the Teledent website may indicate that there will be a delay in reporting services, or that the website is temporarily not accepting new cases for reporting.